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    Welcome to the satellite meter configurator page. By following the simple steps below you can customise your meter with the transponders you require. Please note these do only work with HDSM2 E.g. Software V 2.00 or higher, if loaded to an earlier version it will make the meter disabled !  
You have selected the following region : Indian Subcontinent
  1. Choose a name for your selection. This can be upto 16 characters long. If it is left blank then the default name will be used.  
  2. Enter your email address. Your configuration will be emailed to this address so please double check that it is correct.  
  3. Using the left and right arrows select the transponders you require. The order that the transponders appear in the meter can be set using the up and down arrows. Note that you can select upto 64 transponders for any one configuration although only the first 32 will be valid for meters without a USB connection. You can have as many configurations as you wish.  
  4. Select whether you want to receive a complete download program or just an update file (requires you to already have a copy of the program). Press the generate button! Your selection will be emailed to you automatically.  
  5. When the email arrives connect your meter to a free USB or serial port and run the configuration program that you have received. Choose the appropriate port and select transfer. The program will download your transponder selection to the meter. Note that for security reasons the program is sent to you in a compressed 'ZIP' format. You need to 'unzip' the file before use. If you need the zip utility you can download it from here www.winzip.com This will open in a new window.
Important: The first time you connect a USB style meter you will need to install the necessary drivers. This will normally happen automatically. If the proper drivers cannot be found you can download them from here.

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  Send zipped exe file*
  *If this boxed is not checked you will receive an ASCII HEX update file rather than a complete exe file. You can use the HEX file with an existing exe file to program your meter.   Click here to receive a blank Satmeter.exe file (loading program)