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Preconfigured downloads.

  You can download any of these preconfigured files by clicking on the link and downloading the zipped file for your region. If you have a new HDSM USB or HDSM USB Plus you will need to wait for the automatic driver installation to complete (a two step procedure) before transferring new data to your meter. Installation of the USB drivers will only need to be done once. Owners of older HDSM satellite meters (with serial to RJ45 data leads) will need to select COM1 from the drop-down menu in the loading program before transferring data to their meter.

To upload new files to your meter unzip your selected file to your desktop and double click the target style icon. Select USB or COM1 from the ComPort drop-down menu depending on which type of HDSM you have. Connect your meter to your PC with the supplied interface lead. Wait for "Program mode" to appear on the LCD display of your HDSM meter (USB models will flash and beep while communication is established, wait until the display is stable). Click "Transfer" and the latest settings will be transferred to your meter. Once the transfer is completed disconnect your interface lead and your meter will be ready for use with new settings.


ID Title Type Link
1 UK / Ireland .zip .exe UK
2 Benelux .zip .exe BL
3 France .zip .exe FR
4 Spain (Astra 2 North, South and 2D) .zip .exe ES
5 Italy .zip .exe IT
6 Poland .zip .exe PL
7 Croatia .zip .exe HR
8 Slovenia .zip .exe SI
9 Greece .zip .exe GR
10 Scandinavia .zip .exe SC
11 Western Russia (Moscow) .zip .exe RU
12 Middle East .zip .exe ME
13 India .zip .exe IN
14 China .zip .exe CN
16 Australia .zip .exe AU
17 Africa .zip .exe AF
18 MaFraMi .zip .exe
All of the above files can be used with the current HDSM USB, HDSM USB Plus models and Serial interface versions down to 2.0 (serial interface models have a green LCD)
V1 UK Version 1 (older meters pre 2004) .hex UK906081v1.hex
SM Blank SatMeter Loading Program (for use with .hex files). Zip .exe
LG Horizon Log Reader (HDSM USB Plus only) Zip .exe