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HD-T2 Firmware & Utilities

HD-T2 manual driver installation package (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP) CDM21218_Setup.zip

HD-T2 manual driver un-installation package FTClean.zip

HD-T2 data logger v1.14  HD-TM-T2 Log Reader v1_14.zip

HD-T2 firmware update instructions Updating the firmware -T2.doc




We strongly recommend this firmware update for all HD-T2 meters. The major changes since the last release include:

  • Accurate identification of carrier frequency offsets

  • Improved performance of DVB-T2 measurements on offset carriers

HD-T2 Firmware Package Download HD-T2 Firmware 1.4.0.zip

Please note: On switching on your meter for the first time after upgrade, the meter will take around 25 seconds to unpack all the new data; this is a once only operation after which your meter will switch on quickly.