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HD-TM USB Plus Firmware & Utilities

HD-TM USB Plus manual driver installation package (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP) CDM21218_Setup.zip

HD-TM USB Plus manual driver un-installation package FTClean.zip

HD-TM USB Plus data logger v1 HD-TM Plus Log Reader v1.zip

HD-TM USB Plus data logger v1.14  HD-TM-T2 Log Reader v1_14.zip

HD-TM USB Plus firmware update instructions Updating the firmware.doc




Click below for the latest update. Major changes since the last release include:

  • Improved behaviour in Manual scan mode.

  • Enhancements to data logging facility.

IMPORTANT: if updating firmware versions below v2.5, please ensure that any previously logged information is loaded from the meter using the version 1 Log Reader, as logged data will be erased with the new firmware load. Any data logged using v2.5 firmware and above will need to be downloaded using the v1.14 Log Reader.

HD-TM USB Plus Firmware 2.15.0 Package Download HD-TM Plus Firmware 2.15.0.zip

Please note: On switching on your meter for the first time after upgrade, the meter will take around 25 seconds to unpack all the new data; this is a once only operation after which your meter will switch on quickly.